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Dallas Facility

Located in Dallas, Texas, Petra Chemical Company is the producer of the highest quality sodium hypochlorite for industrial and consumer uses. Our product is among the purest in the industry, having obtained the certification of NSF International.

In addition to the production of high quality sodium hypochlorite, Petra Chemical Company provides liquid packaging, blending (blending capabilities from 275-gallon totes to tank trucks), and dry packaging. A liquid white room is available for processing and packaging food grade products.

The Petra Companies are a network of chemical companies who provide high-quality chemical products including dry blending, toll manufacturing, and liquid blending.Sodium Hypochlorite

Petra Chemical Company produces the highest quality sodium hypochlorite for a full range of industrial uses, including water treatment for municipalities, cooling towers, power plants, water parks and pools. In addition, we service areas as varied as the janitorial, hospitality, and restaurant supply industries.

With our continuous process system and a dedicated quality control and quality assurance program we are able to provide a product that meets the highest standards in the industry including the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) registration, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standard 60 certification, and the AWWA (American Water Works Association). This insures that we are able to not only meet but exceed the specifications your company requires for quality and purity of product.

We package the product for bulk tanker shipments, tote containers, 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails. All bulk shipments are delivered with Petra owned trailers specifically in service for sodium hypochlorite.

We have a dedicated fleet carrier to provide on time deliveries.

Terminal Operations

With sixteen rail car spots available Petra Chemical Company offers an opportunitry to provide a wide array of unloading capabilities to allow your company to transfer larger quantities of products. In addition there are 16 loading dock spaces to bring in tank trucks or dry vans. Our highly trained personnel can transfer from rail to truck, totes or drums quickly and efficiently such products as caustic, KOH, and acids.  

The Petra Companies are a network of chemical companies who provide high-quality chemical products and are a terminal for liquids and dry bagging.Liquid/Dry Blend

With multiple stainless steel blend tanks capable of blending truckload quantities, as well as tote and drum blenders, Petra Chemical Company blends products as varied as caustic soda, polymers, citric acid, surfactants, sodium hypochlorite and more for use in industrial and consumer products.

An added feature in our blend line is the capability to package selected products in one gallon containers with our rotary head filler.

White Room

Our USP and Kosher Certified white room service is capable of transloading from rail, tanks, totes or drums to repackage to customer specified containers and weights. The products are as varied as glycerine, propylene glycol, glacial acetic acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid, and many other non flammable products.




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